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Sonitrax™ Data Track System (DTS) is the next generation Truck Tracking System. Sonitrax is Web based while integrating a local Access database for security.


How does Sonitrax DTS work?

The Sonitrax Data Track System (DTS) links accounting software, truck-mounted RFID Tags, portable scanners, and bar-coded tickets to automate the process of tracking and accounting for loads of material during excavation, construction, or disaster relief. The DTS monitors: material types, cubic yards, site locations, scan operators’ names, and more. Each truck in your operation will be registered and marked with a unique RFID tag for scanning. As trucks load and dump material, your hand held scanner waves over the RFID tag and gathers delivery information in an instant. With each scan, there is a date and time stamp (to the second) giving you complete control over your operation.


Features of the Sonitrax™ DTS:

• Small, light-weight scanners with no movable parts (low maintenance)
• Speedy RFID truck scanning
• In the field Synchronization for real-time reports such as load counts and more
• Customizable for unique operations
• Vibrations help acknowledge successful transactions
• Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
• Includes Server software and Client software in order to centralize data
• Scanner automatically senses quarry tickets and prompts accordingly
• User friendly Access database software which exports to Excel and many other formats


The DTS assists with the elimination of theft, input errors, reduces input costs, and litigation. The Sonitrax software provides detailed reports which can be exported and customized to meet each unique users’ needs so at any time of the day, you can synchronize and know your load counts instantly.

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